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We provide extensive, comprehensive data to help governments make evidence-based decisions for vector control within their countries. From conducting indoor residual spray campaigns to distributing insecticide-treated nets to improving processes and treatment, we ensure the most effective and affordable tools are being used to protect people from disease.
Allan Were
Director of Operations, PMI AIRS Project, and Principal Associate

Building Strong Communities

Malaria is the most common cause of illness in Zimbabwe, killing approximately 10 percent of children before their fifth birthday. And while the country has reduced its HIV prevalence in half since 1997, it still has one of the top-10 highest rates in the world.

Abt Global is working to reduce the impact of malaria and HIV. For malaria, we are killing the mosquitoes that transmit the disease, conducting robust research on mosquitoes, training health workers in case management, facilitating mosquito net distribution, implementing social and behavior change activities and conducting operations research. For HIV, we are a partner in a project to improve testing, prevention and treatment.

In 2018, we protected nearly 19 million people from malaria, including more than three million children under five.
19 Million