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El Salvador

El Salvador country quote

ZAP El Salvador is working at national and departmental levels with various partners to implement high quality vector control management, establish entomological surveillance best practices and enhance capacity and skills.
Paula Wood
ZAP Project Director

Expanding Our Impact

USAID’s Zika AIRS Project (ZAP), an Abt-led initiative to combat vector-borne diseases, is enhancing local capacity to address future global health security threats. To tackle the spread of the Zika virus in El Salvador, ZAP is larviciding with Bti, a biological or a naturally occurring bacteria that specifically targets the larvae of the mosquito. Abt’s previous work in El Salvador strengthened health systems, built up the private sector, and supported clean energy initiatives. The Climate Economic Analysis for Development, Investment, and Resilience (CEADIR) project analyzed the clean energy market landscape and renewable energy potential in El Salvador to inform policy and investment. The project also trained commercial banks to expand access to low-emission development strategies (LEDS) financing.

Partial loan guarantee for three banks to scale up clean energy financing through the CEADIR project
$53 million