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Benin country quote sept 2023

PSHPA is a valuable partner that has significantly contributed to improving the private sector’s data quality and the proper monitoring of newborns by implementing emergency neonatal obstetric care protocols effectively
Agbobli Rebecca
State Midwife on Duty at the Minonkpo Clinic

Expanding Our Impact

In Benin, Abt-led programs have protected hundreds of thousands of children under the age of 5 and tens of thousands of pregnant women from malaria. We also help the government of Benin implement its 10-year strategy to achieve universal health coverage. Through the country’s flagship USAID private sector health program, we link public and private health resources to improve health outcomes for women and children.

Abt partners closely with the Private Sector Health Platform - Plateforme du Secteur Prive de la Sante (PSSP) in French - to mentor private health facilities; improve services for reproductive, maternal, neonatal, and child health; and enable registration and accreditation for its members. PSSP is a member organization that also advocates for changes in laws and regulations affecting the private sector. To ensure sustainability, Abt helps strengthen the capacity of the Ministry of Health to use data-driven methods for better coordination between public and private sectors, enabling more effective and market-oriented stewardship.

    Our Accomplishments

    As of September 2023, Abt has:

    • Delivered in-service training and technical assistance to 95% of private facilities providing high-impact reproductive, maternal, neonatal, and child health (RMNCH) services in Benin.
    • Supported 86% of private healthcare providers in obtaining a license.
    • Trained 552 private health facilities to fill out National Health Information and Management System tools in DHIS2, resulting in a threefold increase in the rate of complete health data submissions to the database, from 15% to over 45%.


    • Registered 60% of pharmacies at the district level.
    • Doubled membership with 10 private sector health associations having joined PSSP as new members bringing the total number of member associations to 20 with its being considered the main private sector interlocutor with Benin’s Ministry of Health.
    • Increased provider competency levels at the private health facilities from an average of 15% to more than 75%.
    Private facilities in Benin trained in high-impact RMNCH interventions