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Climate, Environment & Energy

Environment & Energy Pullquote

We address many of the world's most pressing issues, including natural resource management and stewardship to drive economic growth while creating sustainable, inclusive, and resilient livelihoods.
Paul Anninos
Paul Anninos
Vice President, Environment and Natural Resources

Solving Environmental Challenges

Abt Global is committed to solving environmental challenges in a complex world. Our experts contribute to improved water quality, cleaner air, safer drinking water, less hazardous chemical products, the conservation and management of natural resources, increased resilience to climate change, less risky dams and levees, and greater collaboration with the private sector and civil society. Our team includes economists, scientists, ecologists, engineers, programmers, environmental modelers, and public health professionals. Together, we work in the United States and globally to improve the environment and generate economic opportunities for people and nations.

Powering Clean Energy Efforts

A sustainable and healthy environment depends on clean energy policy and implementation. Abt leverages our technical expertise, and cross-sectoral know-how to convene diverse actors from the public and private sectors to develop and implement inclusive energy solutions. From energy planning to grid integration for renewables to competitive procurement for innovative energy technology—including distributed energy and battery storage—we work with clients to power people around the globe.