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Laos country quote

As part of the USAID Clean Power Asia Project, Abt increased the Laos power sector’s resilience and brought greater quantities of renewable energy into its electricity grids.

Expanding Our Impact

While hydropower comprises most power development in Laos PDR, climate change poses a major challenge to planners aiming to increase the growing population’s access to reliable energy. Abt led the integrated resource and resilience planning for the nation’s power sector’s efforts to diversify future power sources and increase energy security, reduce future power costs, increase exports, and reduce vulnerability to climate change. Abt also collaborated with USAID and other donor agencies to facilitate cross-border power trade and improve regional power planning. To diversify the energy mix, Abt worked with the government of Laos to pilot innovative models for procuring renewable energy, including solar photovoltaics.

In addition, Abt contributes to the COVID-19 response in Laos through the USAID-funded Local Health System Strengthening Project. We work with the Ministry of Health to strengthen information networks to ensure communities have access to timely and accurate COVID-19 prevention and case management information.

Abt’s support to the government aimed to double solar power generation capacity by 2021.