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Equity quote feb 2022

At Abt, equity is central to everything we do. Our mission is to advance health and economic well-being for all, and we recognize that doing so requires applying a social justice lens to identify and address historic and systemic inequities that manifest in many different ways for many different people.
Roslyn M. Brock
Roslyn M. Brock
Chief Global Equity Officer

What is equity?

Equity programming means providing people with tailored support to achieve the best possible life outcomes. We partner with the people most impacted as joint decision makers to ensure that the systems governing their lives meet their needs in terms of access, rights, opportunities, and outcomes. Equity accounts for historic and current disparities and leads to shared opportunity by targeting resources by need. Equity work follows core principles of “nothing about us without us” and “do no harm.” It aims to shift power dynamics; reduce exclusion and discrimination; and increase the autonomy, voice, and resources of people who have been marginalized or excluded based on race, ethnicity, gender, age, ability, sexual orientation, and other dimensions.