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Guatemala country quote

Epidemiological reports within the years 2015 to 2018, showed a total number of 3,438 cases of Zika have been registered in Guatemala, with 549 of these cases documented during 2017. As of epidemiological week 31, in 2017, 1,414 pregnant women with suspected Zika virus disease were reported, 341 of such have been confirmed cases (PAHO, 2017).

Expanding Our Impact

Guatemala needs stronger health systems, climate-resilient communities, and protection from mosquito-borne diseases. The USAID-funded HFG project, led by Abt, conducted a health system assessment to map the strengths and weaknesses of Guatemala’s health system. Abt also trained banks in clean energy financing to promote investment in energy efficient projects throughout Guatemala and Central America broadly, reaching over 1,200 trainees across the region. USAID’s Zika AIRS Project (ZAP) is providing surveys of Zika vector abundance, reducing mosquito breeding sites, and implementing indoor residual spraying campaigns reaching thousands of Guatemalan households. Abt works closely with the Ministry of Health to deliver high-quality surveillance and implementation. Dozens of workers have been trained in local communities, and social awareness campaigns have helped improve public perception of ZAP’s work.

Reported cases of Zika in Guatemala