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Digital Transformations

digital transformations quote july 2022

Combined with Abt’s unique ability to connect dots across important topics—like healthcare, education, housing, and the environment—our turnkey digital solutions are powerful tools that unlock new evidence and answers to inform policy and improve lives.
Matt Gillingham
Matt Gillingham
Vice President, Data Science and Digital Innovation

Applying Digital Innovations to Daily Life

Abt Global is an industry pioneer of data-driven technology solutions and digital transformation. Our technology teams deliver digital solutions with the power to transform systems, policy, and lives.

Our nearly 60-year record of solving tough program and policy challenges stems from creative use of emergent technologies. From gaming and modeling for decision simulation to geospatial mapping, AI and cognitive computing, we understand how data can be used to build a better world and the questions technology can help us answer. And we cross disciplines, methods and geographic borders to improve the lives and economic well-being of people worldwide.

Our goal is to make data accessible and equitable for collaborative, transparent decision-making. To that end, our teams design digital solutions using agile, human-centered design practices to make data insights memorable, persuasive, and engaging. Our delivery of digital solutions is coupled with robust change management practices, a large partner ecosystem, and embedded security policies to drive adoption of digital services and move the needle on improving human lives.