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Cameroon country quote

The most recent nationwide household survey found that more than one-third of all children under the age of five are still infected with malaria parasites in Cameroon. The PMI VectorLink Project will be conducting entomological monitoring to determine mosquito species distribution, density, composition, behavior and the status of the resistance to insecticides, to strengthen support for the malaria vector control decision making process.
Joseph Chabi
Entomologist, PMI VectorLink

Expanding Our Impact

Forty percent of Cameroon's population lives below the poverty line. Its vulnerable citizens are at a high risk for contracting infectious diseases such as malaria and HIV/AIDS. The country faces high rates of child and maternal mortality. Abt is working with key private and public sector stakeholders to strengthen health systems and ensure the use of best practices. Through technical assistance and implementation efforts, we’re working to reduce the contraction of infectious diseases, particularly malaria. Additionally, Abt's value chain strengthening efforts are boosting regional trade in staple crops and global exports of high-potential products.

Residents of Cameroon at risk for malaria
22 million