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Liberia country page quote

We at Abt are making infectious disease outbreaks less likely by conducting research and evaluation and implementing health systems strengthening programs.
Ibrahima Baber
Ibrahima Baber
Chief of Party, PMI Evolve Project, Liberia

Building Strong Communities

Liberia – which became the first independent republic in Africa in 1847 – suffered greatly under civil war beginning in the 1990s, and again during the 2014-2015 Ebola epidemic.

Abt Global in Liberia is working to reduce the impact of malaria – a disease associated with 40 percent of health facility visits there – by training local scientists to carry out entomological monitoring to inform mosquito reduction efforts. We also are leading efforts to support low emission, climate-resilient development.

Impact In Action

Abt collaborated with the World Bank to assist a local team to complete a National Health Accounts exercise, a benefit incidence analysis, a synthesis of health financing performance, and a series of consultations at local and central levels, all in less than 18 months. The effort resulted in a balanced and practical health financing policy with an essential service package offered for free and options to wean the system off external funding.

In 2013, the PMI AIRS Project helped protect 367,930 people in Liberia from contracting malaria.