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Independent Contractors

Abt Global frequently has the need to partner with technical experts for short-term assignments. Upon request by an Abt Global requestor, prospective consultants must complete Part 1 of the Consultant Questionnaire. The information provided in the completed Consultant Questionnaire will aid us in establishing an individual’s consultancy status. To be considered for an engagement, a completed Consultant Questionnaire is required from all U.S. Citizens or individuals with a U.S. tax obligation.

In order to complete the form, please have the following documents available to attach:

  • Your resume 
  • If consulting for other organizations, documented evidence of work, such as a copy of an agreement/purchase order, a paid invoice, or any other type of document showing your engagement with the firm and the rate you were paid.  Other than the rate at which you were paid, redacted copies of the document are acceptable. 
  • If you represent to the public as a consultant, sample of supporting materials (business cards, stationery, advertising, business phone, etc.)
  • Biographical Data Sheet (USAID only). 

Please note that once you have begun to complete the form, it cannot be saved, therefore it is important that the required documents be available when you commence to complete the Consultant Questionnaire form. 

Complete the form. 

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