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Guinea country quote

What we’re developing is a coherent, responsive, and proactive communication system that links the Ministry of Health to all segments of the Guinean population and builds public confidence in the national health system.
Jean Butera
Former Chief of Party, Health Financing and Governance Project

Expanding Our Impact

The 2014 Ebola crisis weakened Guinea’s fragile health system. The Abt-led, USAID-funded HFG project conducted an audit of the Ministry of Health to determine what was lacking in the Ebola crisis response. The study revealed that greater leadership, accountability and transparency were needed to better equip the country for future global health security threats. Together with the government, Abt provided leadership and management training, notably in the areas of collaboration in workforce planning, refining distribution, and empowering the legislative health committees.

Number of managers trained in operations to more effectively respond to future public health threats