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Indonesia quote 2019

Women’s lives will only get better if they’re not just involved in but lead and influence the decision-making process that affects women’s welfare.
Anna Winoto
Anna Winoto
Indonesia Country Representative and Strategic Adviser

Expanding Our Impact

Indonesia – which consists of more than 17,000 islands – has the largest economy in Southeast Asia and is home to hundreds of local languages. Bridging this linguistic and geographical diversity, Abt Global is leading an Australian and Indonesian Government partnership–known as KOMPAK– to help Indonesia develop more effective and efficient ways of working. It achieves this through piloting and evaluating innovative interventions that can be scaled up by the Indonesian government, and by providing technical assistance through specialist experts, workshops and trainings. These efforts all contribute to improving basic services and increasing economic opportunities for the poor and vulnerable, particularly for women.

In 2018, Abt helped more than 1,600 women graduate from the Paradigta Akademi, a one-year course that builds self-empowerment, community organization and technical skills on village planning and development.

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